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Bakery Flooring

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Bakery Flooring

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  • Heavy duty flooring
  • Slip resistant
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Can be steam cleaned up to 120 degrees

If you are looking for commercial bakery flooring, you will need a system that offers your site hygiene, safety, longevity and convenience. Bakeries like any commercial kitchen are environments for food production, and therefore sites that need exceptionally clean floors to meet the highest of safety and hygiene requirements.

Here at Protective Surface Coatings Ltd, we proudly work with many different commercial bakeries, installing new flooring solutions that offer long-lasting support to the site and its workers. Our go-to bakery flooring is in the form of the reliable and durable Polyurethane RT or HF resin screed flooring. This system has a whole host of benefits that are guaranteed to help you maintain the highest standards in your bakery workplace.

Polyurethane flooring is incredibly hard-wearing, and can withstand heavy loads – perfect for when your site is receiving deliveries. Being slip resistant flooring makes it ideal for bakeries as naturally spillages can occur in such environments – however with Polyurethane, the safety of your employees will not be compromised. One of the most impressive features however is that this type of food safe flooring can be steam cleaned by temperatures of up to 120 degrees. This guarantees the removal of any harmful bacteria, without jeopardising the quality or finish of this industrial floor system. If you are looking for a strong, dependable and resistant bakery floor, then Polyurethane will be sure to tick all of your boxes.

Hygiene, safety and longevity are amongst the most important factors when selecting any new floor surface for a bakery. A Bakery environment must be exceptionally clean and hygienic and having the correct floor is key to this.

Protective Surface Coatings Ltd have worked closely with many bakeries and understand the industries needs when choosing the correct floor. The normal choice of floor for this sector, is a heavy duty polyurethane RT or HF screed, either 6mm or 9mm thick.

Polyurethane RT and HF resin floors are a must for the bakery industry owing to their chemical and physical properties.

It is common in bakeries to have flour, oils, baking soda, yeast, icing sugar and butter which can be highly slippery underfoot and create a health and safety hazard. Therefore it is vital to have a floor that is slip resistant in both wet and dry conditions. Polyurethane RT and HF screeds offer the maximum anti slip properties to make them ideal in bakeries and give bakers total confidence in the floor.

Bakery floors can be subject to extremes of heat, so any floor must be thermal shock resistant, especially near the ovens. Polyurethane screed floors are very durable and offer excellent thermal protection and can withstand direct temperatures up to 120 degrees or up 130 degrees at 12mm.

Polyurethane RT and HR resin can be steam cleaned up to 120 degrees which will kill any harmful bacteria but will not affect the integrity of the resin floor. Therefore as resin screeds are also seamless they are very hygienic for bakeries where cleanliness and hygiene levels are very high.

Polyurethane resin is exceptionally hard wearing and can withstand the hardest physical abrasions. The bakery industry can be a harsh environment with heavy processing equipment and materials. That is why it’s important to install a robust polyurethane resin floor, designed to withstand heavy loads that gives great protection against high abrasion and impact.

At Protective Surface Coatings we have over 30 years of experience providing the highest quality of industrial flooring for any working environment. To find out more about our bakery flooring and other industrial floor coatings please contact our helpful team who are waiting for your call on 01562 750999.

Advantages of installing a polyurethane resin floor in a bakery

  • Seamless bakery flooring
  • Easily cleanable bakery floor up to 120 degrees
  • Very hard wearing, withstanding heavy loads
  • Hygienic & seamless
  • Can be laid to falls to help drainage
  • Anti-slip bakery floor in wet and dry working conditions

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