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Heavy Duty Industrial Floor

Flooring is an important feature of any space, but choosing the right floor surface becomes even more important when it’s for an industrial property. Factories, industrial units and manufacturing or engineering facilities can be testing environments, and as a result it is essential that you invest in a heavy duty industrial floor that is designed to cope with the demands of a busy industrial space.

Heavy duty industrial floor has many benefits

The best industrial flooring should be hardwearing and tough enough to endure heavy traffic, spillages and anything else that you throw at it.  Flooring in a workplace can also be a critical component in cases of safety. Most people don’t pay much attention to the flooring until something goes wrong, unless they trip, slip, or fall. The wrong flooring can even cause legs, feet or lower back pain from standing. This is caused when liquids contaminate the floors and create uneven changes.

Anti-Slip & Anti-Bacterial

Heavy duty industrial floor should be strong and capable of holding loading weight and withstanding abrasion. Regular key specifications are anti-slip, anti-bacterial, colour and chemical resistance. That’s exactly why industrial resin floors are popular. Not only are they functional with a versatile finish but also they can be very cost efficient in comparison to other materials.

Highly Durable

A resin floor is a hardwearing plastic surface, created by mixing together a selection of ingredients to initiate a fast and controlled chemical reaction.   The chemical reaction creates a highly durable finish, ideal for a heavy use environment.

Extremely Hygienic

Industrial resin floors are also extremely hygienic. Its smooth and seamless finish prevents accumulation of dirt, bacteria, and dust. This makes the surface easy to clean and maintain and portrays a positive image to the customer.  

Aside from the function purposes of industrial flooring, a shiny floor can also be aesthetically pleasing which is great for drawing in customers.  It also ensures a streamline production and workers safety so it’s definitely worth the investment,

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