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As an Industrial flooring contractor we cover an enormous range of industrial flooring applications. When regular, off-the-shelf flooring just wouldn’t be suitable for the job, industrial flooring takes over and provides an extra level of quality and reliability.

A wide range of services

An Industrial flooring contractor like us specialise in providing resin-based flooring, with industries such as the pharmaceutical, food and drink, automotive, engineering and electronics industries being just some of the areas in which our resin flooring has been installed. Our wide-ranging services include site surveys and specifications, preparation of surfaces, epoxy floor coatings, screeds and anti-slip systems to ensure safety at all times.

Providing decorative and patterned flooring too..

Decorative and patterned flooring can also be provided, and there are a surprising number of industrial uses for this. It’s often used in banks, large office blocks and areas in which some decorative flooring adds to the ambience and style, but it is also an essential flooring addition to any gym or indoor sports facility.

In factories and warehouses, having bays and areas marked out within the flooring can provide structure and ensure that areas are easily marked without having to use external signage or run the risk of the floor markings rubbing off or fading over time.

More about using an Industrial Flooring Contractor.

The particular type of flooring or screeding that would be most suitable differs with each application. As a result, we are able to offer epoxy resin screeds, cementitious pump screeds, epoxy floor coatings, polyurethane screeds, decorative epoxy screeds and a number of other products and services to ensure that you have the right industrial flooring for your particular requirements.

Over 30 years experience

We have over 30 years’ experience in the industry as industrial flooring contractors, with specialist knowledge which is second to none, giving you the peace of mind in our high standards in safety, quality and customer care. We are based in Worcestershire, in the heart of England, which enables us to reach customers in all corners of the country with relative ease. We offer a free site survey to all prospective clients, with no obligation to purchase, enabling you to find out more about our products and which form of industrial flooring would be right for you.

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