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6mm Epoxy Resin Screed (Engineering)

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Epoxy Resin Screed, Engineering

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Halco Rock Tools had outgrown their manufacturing facility in Halifax and were relocating to a larger facility in Brighouse. The existing concrete floors were very worn and uneven and Halco Rock Tools required a very hard wearing, durable floor surface to withstand high levels of folk lift traffic and usage and would provide an aesthetically pleasing floor, complete with trucking gangways and walkways.

Protective Surface Coatings Ltd specified a 6mm heavy duty, epoxy resin screed, followed by two coats of HB epoxy resin.

All the floors were heavily shotblasted and all areas were thoroughly repaired, swept and vacuumed cleaned and all expansion joints were recut and repaired using epoxy mortar compound. An epoxy resin primer was then laid to the total floor area.

A 6mm heavy duty epoxy resin screed, mid grey was laid and levelled using a power float. Approximately 500 sq mtrs of epoxy resin was laid per day.

Once the epoxy resin screed was dry and all expansion joints reintroduced, then walkways, trucking gangways and production areas were masked out and two coats of HB epoxy resin was laid, using light grey to production areas, dark grey to trucking gangways and green to walkways.

The project was completed in 4 weeks, on time and in budget, providing Halco Rock Tools with a fully refurbished, very durable, hard wearing surface that can be used for many years to come.

4500 sq mtrs of 6mm epoxy resin screed, followed by two coats of HB epoxy resin were laid at Halco Rock Tools in Brighouse.

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