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Epoxy Resin Coating – Vehicle Workshop

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Epoxy Resin Coating – Vehicle Workshop

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Protective Surface Coatings Ltd have just completed 270 sq mtrs of epoxy resin coating in the main workshop for Honda Dealership in Newtown, Wales.

The concrete floor was very old, badly pitted in certain areas and was extremely dirty with years of oil and grease contamination. The concrete had never been coated previously and the client was looking for a high gloss, hard wearing, easy to clean resin floor.

Protective Surface Coatings Ltd suggested two coats of Resdev Pumatect high build epoxy resin coating system in mid grey, with green to the pedestrian walkway

The old floor was firstly diamond grinded clean, to remove all the old, worn floor paint, dirt and oil. Repairs were then carried out to damaged concrete, holes and expansion joints. Once fully vacuumed clean two coats of high build epoxy was laid, mid grey to workshop area including MOT Bay, with green to the pedestrian walkway.

The final process was to mask out and lay demarcation lines around the MOT Bay and Rolling Road and edging lines to the pedestrian walkway, in safety yellow.

The total project took 3 days to complete, was started on a Friday and completed on a Sunday to minimise the clients disruption. The project was on time and on budget and provided Honda with hard wearing floor, that was easy to clean and transformed the workshop.

Mr Trevor Powell, Workshop Manager, said, “We are absolutely delighted with the new resin floor that has completed changed our workshop for the better. The resin floor is easy to clean and we are grateful to Protective Surface Coatings, who provided a very professional and competitive package.”

The total project took 7 days to complete, was on time and on budget and provided the food factory with a very hard wearing floor, that provided excellent slip resistance in the wet. The resin screed is seamless and easy to clean and the perfect floor for the food industry.

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